"I didn't make the soup, but only I can spoon it up."

If this is your attitude towards the emergence and alleviation of your symptoms, I am willing to do my best to accompany you on your way out of the disease. However, if you feel the responsibility for your healing lies with someone other than yourself, then please continue suffering without me.

The sessions take place online.
A session costs €189.00/50 minutes.


Psychological Psychotherapist 

Therapy Spectrum

Therapy Focus

  • general psych. Problem - life advice

  • Fear - phobia

  • coaching

  • depression

  • Stress - burnout - bullying

  • Grief

  • Trauma - Violence - Abuse


  • alternate Procedures

  • EMDR

  • relaxation procedures

  • body-oriented methods

  • schema therapy

  • systemic therapy

Therapy Goals

  • Clarity about unconsciuos, obstructive behavior patterns
  • Peace with the "inner child" 
  • Improved perception of own emotions and needs
  • Processing of stressful experiences
  • Uncovering your own resources and strengthening your self-confidence
  • Development of a positive and realistic self-image
  • Improvement of decision-making ability
  • Improving mood and zest for life

About me

I accompany people through change processes - experienced and with pleasure!

I was lucky enough to have discovered this passion for myself early in my life. I have been discussing anonymous cases with my parents from their psychotherapeutic practice since my youth. I love exploring human behavior and I am deeply filled with helping people through crises. It was therefore clear to me that with sufficient life experience and psychological expertise, I would also follow this path.

First, however, I wanted to experience and understand the business world, since many psychological problems are favored by the ever-increasing workload. Therefore, during my psychology studies, I went through several internships in different consulting organizations for change management. After completing my master's degree in psychology at the LMU Munich, I began my career as a management consultant for organizational development. For years I diagnosed a wide variety of organizations to find out how they tick. This path took me from the boardrooms of large automotive groups to open-plan offices of medium-sized companies to start-up working spaces and past all interest groups. I mirrored to those responsible which of the effective patterns were harmful or favorable for the organization. As a trained and certified trainer and coach for executives, my role then consisted of accompanying the members of the organization through the previously initiated change process. Not so different from the therapeutic setting - after all, this is also about changing behavior and overcoming unconscious, obstructive patterns. Only on a "larger" scale and with supposedly "healthy" people.

However, after a seven years, I realized that many of the challenges in teams are rooted in the inhibiting patterns of individuals. Those aspects of the psyche that are so deeply rooted in the personality structure that an individual setting is required to treat them. That's why I decided to quit my permanent position and start training as a psychological psychotherapist.

Now I accompany people holistically and capture the life situation of my clients from a wide variety of perspectives. In addition to the private situation, I examine professional influences, include the body, and question thoughts and emotions. Through the in-depth knowledge of psychological complaints and their causes, I get to the core of the cause. I explain the consulting plan I propose and the techniques learned during the training in a transparent and comprehensible manner.

Clients have to walk the path towards balance themselves - I accompany them in a competent and loving way. I treat my clients confidentially, appreciatively and at eye level from the very first moment.

If you are interested in an initial talk or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to meeting you.

David Schnell